Be Prepared = Stress Free

Resoures contains infromation to help you have a successful, enjoyable real estate transaction. I’m happy to provide you with a few of the tools you need to prepare in the pages below. When you are ready to act, call or email me. I can help work through the issues a real estate transaction can provide. 

  • Homes sold by an agent typically sell at a higher price that by the owner
  • Homes sold by an agent typically spend less time on the market
  • An agent can help you determine the best pricing for your house to meet your timing and financial goals
  • An agent can market your home in ways not available to most home owners
  • An agent will be your advocate throughout the process


Moving Information

Planning is key!

The logistics of relocating can be crazy, in order to help keep things straight it is good to have a "Plan". Having a plan in place can assist in preventing unexpected problems from arising and to reduce the overall stress of moving. There are many items to consider in the move from departure to destination. For example, you may need to find a job for your partner, arrange local housing, schooling, medical and banking facilities, transportation and much more. Here are a few items that you may find useful

Request this checklist of items to remember when moving by completing the form below.  The checklist will be emailed to you automatically.

On site Septic Systems
Before you buy a home that uses an on site septic system make sure you understand the system.
Moving Checklist
Don't let the chaos of a move up set all your plans!
Warranted House Systems
The main systems in your house have to be working when you sell your home unless you have sold it "As-Is". What are they?
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